Integrative Beauty

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Incorporate small changes into your skin, body and mind routines to begin living the Integrative Beauty lifestyle.


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  • 1 Fastify 12 Pack Variety
  • 2 boxes of Golden Moment Turmeric Elixir
  • 1 Breathe Mindful Oil
  • 1 Crystal Energy Wand and DeStressance Serum Duo
  • 1 Tranquil Cleansing Butter
  • 1 Crystal Blue Smoothing Gel
  • 1 Golden Harmony Cleansing Mask
  • 1 box of Clarity Soothing Eye Wipes
  • 1 Connector Enrollment Fee and 1 Solvasa Canvas Tote.

Start glowing today and discover the beauty of Integrative Beauty.

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