Solvasa® is Integrative Beauty 

Solvasa® is Integrative Beauty 

Integrative beauty isn’t just about smoothing on another face cream and waiting for results. It isn’t even just about skincare. It’s wellness—and the belief that a beautiful complexion can only stem from a holistic approach, blending topical products and tools, healthy diet, and stress-reducing practices.

Solvasa’s products and practices are designed to help you be more intentional in your everyday life while mitigating the effects of stress on your skin, mind, and body. Science has shown that stress—both internal and external—leads to inflammation throughout the body. And inflammation is at the root of all aging, including skin aging. Solvasa’s integrative approach shifts the focus away from traditional anti-aging skincare to anti-inflammaging self-care.

Solvasa® draws on 2,000 years of new ideas to combine the best of eastern, Ayurvedic traditions with high-tech science of modern cosmeceuticals. Our Solvasa® Life Mindfulness App harnesses cutting-edge neuroscience to help reinforce small intentional and uplifting changes into your daily life.

At the foundation of Integrative beauty is a focus on community, because human connection has been shown to promote well-being and longevity. The idea of community is woven into everything we do at Solvasa®, from our Connectors and our social selling platform, to our customers, and the engagement of our management team.

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Beauty in Your Presence

We are a community of intentional optimists united by a shared vision of integrative beauty. We know that holistic beauty works within the mind and body, and radiates outwardly toward the skin. And while this may be intuitive for some, many don’t know where to start. We are committed to sharing products, tools, resources, and simple practices that encourage everyone to embrace whole wellness in beauty and live a more intentional life.

Stress Steals Our Beauty

Stress Steals Our Beauty

Stress wreaks havoc on every aspect of our health and adversely impacts the way we age. Although efforts to control the sources of stress can often lead to even more stress, we CAN influence the way our brains respond to stress.

Irrefutable neuroscience has demonstrated that simple mindfulness practices can have a major impact on the brain chemistry that ultimately impacts every organ in our bodies including our largest organ, our skin.

Achieving<br> Integrative Beauty

Integrative Beauty

We invite you to watch this short overview highlighting key features and content of our Solvasa® Life Mindfulness App. Our teachings, integrations and meditations have been thoughtfully and uniquely curated to help you practice intention over habit, attitude over age, and presence over everything.

Achieving<br> Integrative Beauty

Whether you’re a first timer at mindfulness or a seasoned pro, we’re confident you’ll find meaningful value here as you chart your path to achieving Integrative Beauty.

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